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Freedom Of The City are a band with their roots firmly in the Manchester music scene. Eclectic. Anthemic. Loud. This is music with the power to unite a crowd. Music that changes the conversation. Discover FOTC and discover a new type of sound.

Complex, layered arrangements create stadium filling music. Genres are twisted and merged to create a distinctive cinematic sound.

Chorus’ are strong and instinctive. There to be sang, loudly by a mass of people lost in the moment.

“I ruddy love the track Pulse. Well worthy of my single of week. I’m looking forward to hearing new shizzle from FOTC!!”Kate Lawler, DJ at Kerrang & Virgin Radio

“A brilliant band”Clint Boon, DJ at Radio X

“What a fantastic band these guys are. I’ve been blown away by their recordings and live shows and I’m now a firm, firm fan. These lads have a bright future ahead of them”Soph Yates, DJ at XS Manchester

The Band

Freedom Of The City are an indie rock band born out of the musical Mecca that is Manchester. The four-piece are defined by their epic soundscapes, thumping chorus and genre defying brand of alternative rock. FOTC are creating music for right now.

Founded by writer and lead vocalist, George Brown, FOTC were brought together by their passion for music and bring together a wide blend of musical talent. Touring at festivals and venues around the country, they have honed their craft, defining the unique FOTC sound.

The four-piece are about big noise and bigger production values. The influences of classic stadium rock are layered with strings and brass to create tracks that are complex but anthemic. Pounding beats create drama that soars into roaring chorus’. This is noise that makes a crowd want to stand up, shout out and get involved.

Freedom Of The City's Lead Vocal & Guitarist George Brown

George Brown

Guitar & Vocals
Freedom Of The City's Guitar & Vocalist Paul Cantwell

Paul Cantwell

Guitar & Vocals
Freedom Of The City's Drummer Simon Goodwin

Simon Goodwin

Freedom Of The City's Bass Guitarist Lee Carnall

Lee Carnall


For the band, influences come from everywhere. From Springsteen to Alanis Morissette and Peter Gabriel to The Prodigy. Diverse inspiration fuels a sound that is never quite defined by a single genre. Rules are broken and rewritten to create a noise that is only FOTC.

FOTC have captured the attention of some of the biggest names in the music business, recently collaborating with Manchester producing legend and sound engineer, Andy Macpherson to produce their first album. Andy has worked with musical icons including The Who, Deborah Harry, Corey Hart, Teenage Fanclub, Sad Cafe, Eric Clapton and many more.

FOTC are a band that should be on your radar.



When We Were Boys

"The playing throughout is skin-tight, in places thunderous and then blossoms into a pint-glass-in-the-air chorus melody"EP Review, Eartwister

“Certainly from our point of view, there is nothing more serious going on in and around Manchester than FOTC. Having listened, watched, and looked into this band intensely, we see no reason why that can’t be one of the next best things to come out of Manchester”EP Review, The Red Hive

"Their music is genuinely captivating. With such undeniable quality, big things surely must beckon..."EP Review, Manchester Music


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